Reality Check at REAL HOUSE Inc.

Sometimes there is music and laughter and there is always sharing.

The Reality Check program at REAL HOUSE Inc. is in full swing.  It is a unique program that combines community service, prevention and camaraderie.

Organizations seeking to fulfill their community service commitments participate in programs with the residents of REAL HOUSE who are recovering from substance abuse.  Each event varies in its nature but all involve in-person gatherings to our Bloomfield, Montclair or Newark houses or at an outside location – where all participants spend time together.  In addition, the visiting group pampers our residents by either preparing a meal or providing backhand massages, facials or donations etc.

The program began in 2013 after a conversation among a group of REAL HOUSE graduates learning to embrace their value. They had discovered that they had a message to share that would encourage others to avoid substance abuse. Reality Check at REAL HOUSE was born.

Reality Check events always involve participants from the organization (charitable or educational) and residents of REAL HOUSE introducing themselves and sharing their personal stories.  This is where the Prevention portion of Reality Check at REAL HOUSE is fully realized.  The visitors, who are often high school or college students hear emotional stories.  Residents tell them about their gripping experiences with substance abuse that have often times derailed their lives and dreams.  They dispel the myths and social acceptance surrounding drug and alcohol use.

Visitors get a “Reality Check” and residents have an opportunity to “process” their feelings around their addictions.  They also realize their personal value in the ability to potentially save someone’s life.

Past participants have included the Bloomfield College Women’s Basketball team, students from Montclair High School, local churches etc.

If you are interested in your organization participating in a Reality Check event contact our Executive Director of Programs Martyse Strychacz or call our offices at 974-746-2400


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