iop construction

We are literally busting down the walls at REAL HOUSE Inc. to expand our Outpatient Treatment offices.

Due to a growing client roster, REAL HOUSE Inc. has needed to expand its office space.  Our contractors are breaking through our side office wall to gain access to the adjoining offices.

Construction is expected to be completed in a few days.

All scheduled sessions are continuing in the current office facility, without disturbance.

“We were busting at the seams to accommodate our many clients in need of individual and group sessions,” says Shawn Jennings, C.E.O. of REAL HOUSE Inc.  “Once the dust settles, we will be able to have adequate space and the ability to manage the growing demand of those needing treatment services.”

REAL HOUSE Inc. treatment offices are located at 127 Pine Street, in Montclair.


We are Surprised YOU Did not Know

We have recently been polling people in the industry and have been surprised that many who have known of REAL HOUSE for years did know that we offer Intensive Outpatient Treatment services.  Everyone knew of our Emergency Shelters and Halfway Houses for women but were unaware that we  provide IOP.

Our IOP offices are in a medical office building located at 127 Pine Street, Suite 6, in Montclair.  Call the office today if you need more information or need to refer a client. 973-746-0487.

Currently, we have 6 available slots in our Emergency Shelter and Halfway Houses.  If you have a female client in a crisis and needs emergency shelter, call us immediately 973-746-2400

In addition, REAL HOUSE’s female Halfway Houses have openings.  For intake call 973-337-8742.

Reality Check at REAL HOUSE Inc.

Sometimes there is music and laughter and there is always sharing.

The Reality Check program at REAL HOUSE Inc. is in full swing.  It is a unique program that combines community service, prevention and camaraderie.

Organizations seeking to fulfill their community service commitments participate in programs with the residents of REAL HOUSE who are recovering from substance abuse.  Each event varies in its nature but all involve in-person gatherings to our Bloomfield, Montclair or Newark houses or at an outside location – where all participants spend time together.  In addition, the visiting group pampers our residents by either preparing a meal or providing backhand massages, facials or donations etc.

The program began in 2013 after a conversation among a group of REAL HOUSE graduates learning to embrace their value. They had discovered that they had a message to share that would encourage others to avoid substance abuse. Reality Check at REAL HOUSE was born.

Reality Check events always involve participants from the organization (charitable or educational) and residents of REAL HOUSE introducing themselves and sharing their personal stories.  This is where the Prevention portion of Reality Check at REAL HOUSE is fully realized.  The visitors, who are often high school or college students hear emotional stories.  Residents tell them about their gripping experiences with substance abuse that have often times derailed their lives and dreams.  They dispel the myths and social acceptance surrounding drug and alcohol use.

Visitors get a “Reality Check” and residents have an opportunity to “process” their feelings around their addictions.  They also realize their personal value in the ability to potentially save someone’s life.

Past participants have included the Bloomfield College Women’s Basketball team, students from Montclair High School, local churches etc.

If you are interested in your organization participating in a Reality Check event contact our Executive Director of Programs Martyse Strychacz or call our offices at 974-746-2400

New Workshops, Training and Outings for REAL HOUSE

New Workshops, Training and Outings On The Drawing Board for REAL HOUSE

Recently REAL HOUSE has been joining forces with private individuals and organizations to increase the activities offered to the women in our shelters and halfway houses.

Brainstorming sessions are being held to formulate program and event ideas.  By forming these alliances, we are connecting with people who have vast resources that can benefit our residents.

Cooking classes, job readiness training, parenting courses, make-overs, field trips and various enrichment workshops are all currently being created.  It is our goal to improve the current and future lives of our residents.  These offerings will help to equip them with the tools necessary to live productive lives.

We are excited and encouraged that talented and gifted people want to be a part of what we are doing for residents of REAL HOUSE.  We are looking forward to these new alliances.

New Stove

Meal preparation has become more state-of-the-art at our Halfway House for women in Bloomfield.  The addition of a six-burner stove has delighted residents.

Adding the stove to our kitchen was a real challenge.  An updated fire suppression system had to be installed along with new duct work.

These industrial stoves can weigh up to 500 (plus) lbs.  It took strength and ingenuity to maneuver it from the seller to our Halfway House and fit it into our kitchen

It was worth the effort since our residents are now truly enjoying the cooking experience.

A Chilly Reminder

When the temperature dipped to a record-breaking 0 degrees this past weekend, we were reminded of the invaluable service that we provide for those in our houses, which include our Emergency Shelters and Halfway Houses for women.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be providing shelter for our 70 + current residents.

We understand the great responsibility to ensure that the houses are kept warm and in good repair.    If left unchecked, arctic temperatures can wreck havoc on the major operating systems of a house. REAL HOUSE Executives were in constant contact over the Valentine’s Day holiday weekend with our House Managers for updates and in-house status reports.  Since we have the advantage of having several houses, we were able to temporarily transfer a few residents to ensure that everyone stayed safe and warm.

I am my Sister’s Keeper

We never know who is going to knock on our door wanting to give our residents a gift. On any given day a stranger, acquaintance or friend has stopped by with something to give the female residents of our Shelters.  We have received bags of clothing, kitchen equipment, toiletries, etc.

Late one afternoon two people arrived at our door from a television studio.  They were carrying large aluminum pans and shopping bags.  The pair were production assistance and they had just completed videotaping a cooking show in the area.  The television show’s host and guests had prepared an enormous amount of Mexican food.

They heard about our Emergency Shelter and brought stacks of refried beans, corn pudding, queso cheese and tortillas for the Shelter residents to enjoy.